Show Times 2019


18:30 Opening Ceremony of the Festival. Awarding of outstanding figures of culture and arts GANDELIK movie-opening director Taras Dudar, 108 min, 2019, Ukraine, feature film. Premiere. Presentation of the creative composition of the camera crew.

14:00-15:50 Student’s program “THE FIRST STEPS IN CINEMATOGRAPHY”
The program is led by Honored Art Worker of Ukraine, film director, screenwriter, professor, head of the Department of Directing and Cinematography of KNUKiM – Roman Shirman
DIM director Ignatii Mozgunov, 3 min, 2019, Ukraine
TELL ME ME HOW MUCH TO LIVE The director Mikhail Knidze, 6 min, 2019, Ukraine
Sansara Director Maxim Vetoshkin, 5 min, 2019, Ukraine
SELF-SCREENS by director Elizabeth Pylyugin, 12 min, 2019, Ukraine
CAN THERE BE ONE Shot? director Julia Basanets, 2 min., 2019, Ukraine
SIR CHUB DE PIGI directed by Alexander Goysan, 9 min, 2019, Ukraine
THEY WHO DID UNDER THE CEILING director Andriy Datsyuk, 10 min, 2019, Ukraine
RULES OF SURVIVAL Director Olga Vadlevska, 8 min, 2019, Ukraine
Until the light goes off director Anastasia Artemova, 6 min, 2019, Ukraine
THE HOUSE WHICH WE ARE DONE BY director Xenia Trigub, 11 min, 2019 Ukraine
MY HOME directed by Alexander Kosyak, 11 min, 2019 Ukraine
MY HOUSE is directed by Yuriy Nesteruk, 7 min., Ukraine.
MASTER CLASSES of film director, actor, Honored Artist of Ukraine Eduard Timlin and sound director Georgy Sremovsky
15:50 RETIRO Directors: Alejandro Sorin, Miguel Diana, Nicolas Ferrnado, 4 min, 2019, Argentina
16:00 MY LAST DAY A YEAR IN THE ROLE OF LUZERKA directed by Ursa Menart, 88 min, 2018 Slovenia
17:28 THE STAR FOR ANTON by director Kateryna Strelchenko, 5 min, 2019, Ukraine
17:35 STRENGTH OF THE SPIRIT by director Vyacheslav Bigun, 23 min, 2018, Ukraine
18: 30-19: 30 Creative Evening ANATOLIY VASYLOVYCH HAYDAMAKY – People’s Artist of Ukraine (1998), Honored Artist of Ukraine (1989), Laureate of the State Prize of the USSR (1985), Cavalier of the Order of the Badge of Honor (1982); 5th degree (2009), artist – monumentalist, architect, public figure, screening of the movie “HAIDAMATSKY WAY”, directed by Volodymyr Artemenko, 30 min. 2005, Ukraine
19:30 JAMAICA directed by Andreas Morfonios, 95 min, 2017, Greece
21:05 OBSERVATION directed by Wieslaw Romanovsky, 36 min, 2018, Poland-Ukraine

Student Cinema Program
14:00 MY FRIEND DON KICHOT directed by Stanislav Doronchenko, 6 min, 2018, Ukraine
14:06 BACK BIK Director Yaroslav Barannikov, 5 min, 2019, Ukraine
14:11 LIKES by Danilo Boyko, 8 min, 2019, Ukraine
14:19 HOUSE OVER THE DAY by Danilo Boyko, 9 min, 2018, Ukraine
14:28 CASE directed by Anastasia Shlyakhtun, 9 min, 2019, Ukraine
14:37 GREEN HOUSE by Valery Grisha, 9 min, 2019, Ukraine
14:46 05.08.2014 Director Dmitry Avramenko, 10 min, 2019, Ukraine
15:56 SIR CHUB DE PIGI directed by Alexander Goissan, 9 min, 2019, Ukraine
15:05 WANT TO LIVE BETTER Director Vladimir Kalita, 3 min, 2019, Ukraine
15:08 THE FIRST MINUTE OF PEACE directed by Olga Artushevskaya, 2 min, 2019, Ukraine
15:10 FIGHTER directed by Anastasia Orekhovska, 7 min, 2019, Ukraine
15:17 LIFE LIFE MOVIE directed by Dominicia Levchuk, 20 min, 2017, Ukraine
15:37 P.78 by Federico Galupi, 10 min. 2018 Italy
15:50 DEAD EARS by Linas Mikuta, 42 min, 2016, Lithuania
16:32 BEREMYTSKE NATURE PARK directed by Larisa Kolosova, 21 min, 2018, Ukraine
16:55 IN YOUR HANDS Director Milan Mayar, 25 min, 2019, Bosnia and Herzegovina
17:15 BORDER Directed by Alessandro Di Gregorio 15 min, 2018 Italy
17:30 STONE IN THE STONE directed by Louis Demon, 52 min, 2019, France
6:25 PM INTERTRESTER. DIRECTED CONTACT: Alexander and Nicole Gratowski, 55 min, 2017, Spain
19:30 MY UNCLE ARCHIMED by George Agathonikadis, 90 min, 2018, Czech Republic-France-Germany

14:00 ILLUSION directed by Alina Khoroshilova 27 min, 2017, Ukraine
14:30 HERO MY HOUR by Tonya Noyabreva 80 min, 2018, Ukraine
The films are presented at the MISFF IRS 70 (International Road Show) Italy
15:50 LONG LIFE TRAVEL Marcella Mitaritonna, 14 min, 2018, Italy
16:05 DREAMS by Angelo Longon, 12 min. 2019, Italy
16:20 BLACK ON WHITE directed by Angelo Freza 13 min, 2019, Italy
16:40 ODESSA FOUNDATION Director Georgi Deliyev, 90 min, 2017, Ukraine
6:30 PM Creative Anniversary Evening GIZELA ALBERT TIPOLA. The unsurpassed Ukrainian opera maiden (lyric-dramatic soprano). People’s Artist of the USSR (1976), People’s Artist of the USSR (1988), Laureate of the International Madam Butterfly Vocal Competition in Tokyo (for the best performance of the Chio-Chio-San Party in the Madame Butterfly’s Opera by J. Puccini, all three cups are gold silver and bronze, the title of “Best Butterfly Fly of the World” and “Golden Kimono”, 1976)
20:00 TALE OF MONEY directed by Olesya Morgunets-Isayenko, 100 min, 2018, Ukraine

14:00 Occupying the Spot by Director Jeremy Graviat, 97 min, 2019, France
15:37 SYMPHONY FOR THE SUPERMARKET directed by Gabriel Schaff, 52 min, 2018, France
16:30 EDWARD SHEIKIN Director Mikhail Tkachuk, 12 min, 2001, Ukraine (Retrospective)
16:45 LIS Director Roman Zhigalov, 97 min, 2018, Russia
18:25 “WORD” HOUSE by Taras Tomenko, 82 min, 2017, Ukraine
Feature films from the partners of the festival, the Polish Institute in Kiev

14:00 BETWEEN FINGULI Directors: Costa Valente, Monica Musoni, 55 min, 2018, Portugal, Guinea-Bissau, Belgium
14:55 FOREVER SPITFER PILOT directed by Slawomir Sok, 95 min, 2019, USA-UK-Poland
16:25 FOR YOURSELF Director Vaad al-Kataab, Edward Watts, 95 min, 2019, United Kingdom


18:00 Closing Ceremony of the Festival.
Awarding of the winners of the ICF “Movie Chronicle”
Movie – ETERNAL WINTER directed by Attila Saz, 110 min, 2018, Hungary

Scheduled Impressions
UKRAINE – MY LOVE directed by Hussein Erkenov, 152 min, 2018, Ukraine
Portugal Cinema Program
BOSTOFRIO directed by Paulo Corneiro, 70 min, 2018, Portugal
REFLECTION FROM THE FINGERS OF THE FINGERS Director Louise Margalhau, 55 min, 2019, Portugal
DAY 32 directed by Andre Valentim Ameida, 87 min, 2017, Portugal
Italian Cinema Program MISFF IRS 70 PROGRAM (International Road Show)
THE LIGHT OF THE SILENCE Luce oltre il silenzio Giuseppe Rachoppi, 24 min.2019, Italy
FIRE AND CHERRY Fueco e cirasi Romeo Conte, 12 min, 2017, Italy
ALL CAN CHANGE Basta poco tutto può cambiare by Robert Mucci, 6 min. 2018, Italy

Retrospective showing
MARIA VOLKONSKA directed by Lina Agarkova, 30 min, 2012, Ukraine
AFTER THE PREMIERE – Shot by director Natalia Zozul, 53 min, 2007, Ukraine
THE SAME AIGI WINTER BOXES Director Anatoly Syrykh, Operator Vladimir Pika, 22 min, 1992, Ukraine
MEMOIRS. ANATOLY Barchuk Producer Igor Gromov, 26 min, 2015, Ukraine

Changes may occur in the program, which we will definitely warn you about.