The purposes:

  • To support, develop and advertise cinematograph of Ukraine and other countries
  • To make acquaint public, professionals, cinema and television distributors with Ukrainian and foreign cinematography
  • To organize meetings with directors, producers, and students from both: Ukraine and other countries of the world
  • To cooperate with films producers and festivals
  • To cooperate with other organizations and cultural institutions of both: Ukraine and other countries
  • To fulfill active assistance to professional partnership and informational exchange between Ukraine and other countries in film production and other kinds of art
  • To support and elucidate talented and creative youth in film production and other kinds of art
  • To contribute to the popularization of Ukrainian culture in Ukraine and abroad
  • To support and popularize all kinds of art, which are the parts of film production – film, photo, fine arts, music, singing, ballet and so on
  • To enhance the prestige and role of documentary films as an important factor in social life.

To the competitive review the following films are accepted:  feature long, feature short, documentary, popular-science, student’s (documentary and feature) short films, TV programs, reports, animated films, which have been made during 2019-2021 years by public or private studios of Ukraine or any country of the world.

The application for participation in the competition should be in the proposed form.

Copies of the movies participated in the Festival are not sent back to owners.

The Organising Committee saved the right to show the films-winners in regional programs ECHO OF KIFFKINOLITOPYS as in the territory of Ukraine and beyond the borders.
With separate permission of film producers.

Those who wish to take part in the festival can be assisted by the organizers in tickets booking (train, plane), any class hotel booking on condition of the prior arrangement but not later than one month before the beginning of the festival.