Montecatini Days 2020 in Kyiv

In 2020, despite the global pandemic, Ukrainian viewers had the opportunity to watch Italian films under the special program Montecatini Days, which took place in Kyiv during the Kyiv International Film Festival Kinolitopys.

Director: Lorenzo Landi, Michelangelo Mellony
Scriptwriter: Lorenzo Landi, Michelangelo Mellony
Director of Photography: Gerard Aparicio
Actors: Edward J. Bentley, Rob Mcloughlin, Liva Berzi
Editors: Lorenzo Landi, Michelangelo Mellony
Production Studio: La Parda
Producers: Lorenzo Landi, Michelangelo Mellony, Pietro Zoli, Alessandro Amato, Luigi Chimienti
Production Studio: La Parda
Distribution: Zen Movie
12 min., 2019, Italy, Argentina, Spain
Thomas is a sound hunter. He lives in a constant search for new sounds. After his best friend betrays him disappearing with Violet, Thomas’ muse, he loses a part of himself, too: the hearing from his left ear. A trauma that will divide his life in half.

Director: Sondra Sottile
Scriptwriter: Sondra Sottile
Actors: Nicolas Sottile, Ludovica Iovino, Allessandro Iovino
11 min., 2019, Italy
A story where brokenness reveals the sole element of hope for the tired and torn city of Naples, Italy. It takes an orphan street boy to see it’s true value. Against all rejection and with the courageous determination he journeys through the streets of Naples looking for someone to give value to his broken treasure. Only when the surface is broken the light can shine through.

Director: Luigi Pironaci
Actors: Mauro Lamanna, Allesion Pratico, Maurizio Jiritano
Producers: Luca Marino, Luigi Pironaci
Scriptwriter: Luigi Pironaci
DOP: Vittorio Sala
Editor: Francesco Giusiani
Production Studio: Indaco Film
12 min., 2020, Italy
Calabria, 1992. Dino and Toto are fishing on a small boat in the middle of a mountain lake. When they happen to have a chance for a new life, they won’t let it go.

Director: Roberta Mucci
Scripwriter: Roberta Mucci and Ilaria Parlanti
Director of photography: Gaddo Masieri
Actors: Federico Mariotti, Giada Benedetti, Annamaria Malipiero, Ivo Romagnoli, Sergio Forconi, Benedetta Gori, Ilaria Parlanti, Niccolo Natali.
Music: Renato Droghetti and Roberta Mucci
Editor: Franco Filippi
18 min., 2020, Italy

Director: Mario Mariani Director of Photography: Mario Mariani-Maurizio Leoni
Production: Cinematography Florence Productions
Music: Giuseppe Verdi-Giacomo Puccini-Antonio Vivaldi-Gregorio Allegri
22 min., 2020, Italy