Festival`s History

The Festival debuted as national in 2001 year, on the Day of the 10th Independence of Ukraine. In 2003 Festival received the international status and taking works from foreign filmmakers. During its activity KIFF “Kinolitopys” has been presented over the hundred documentaries that replenished the gold fund of national and world cinema. The highest award — the prize «Golden shot», was given at different times to: directors of photography Volodymyr Pika( for the film «Mihail Bulgakov. Kiev dreams.») and Sergiy Mihalchuk ( for the film «By the way of Columbus»),director and director of photography is Olexandr Koval ( for the film «Hamlet with happy end»); russian directors Sergey Govoruhin for the feature-publicist film «Damned and forgotten» and Andrew Osipov for the trilogy «Poets of the Silver Age», Edgar Bartenev for «Yaptik-Hesse» and Natalya Golub (Transnistria). The main prizes «Golden fresco Sofiyska» and «Kyiv Film Award» are awarded annually to the best films of the festival. Among the owners of these awards are such eminent filmmakers like Sergey Miroshnichenko (Russia), Hem Yelizarov (Ukraine), Igor Kobrin (Ukraine), Sergiy Volkov (Ukraine), Tomoko Fudjivara (Japan), Gunilla Breske (Sweden), Nikolay Vasiljev (Bulgary), Kostyantyn Shamin (Ukraine), Natalya Golub (Pridnistrovje), Vasil Viter (Ukraine), Vadim Hapaev (Ukraine), Andriy Proskuryak (Russia), Mykola Mashchenko (Ukraine). The award «Pochatok» is given to students from creative universities who became winners in the competition program . The audience was highly interested in the authors programs of Malgojata Pototskay (Poland), Marc Henri Wajnberg (Belgium), Emir Kusturica (Serbia), Maciej Drygas (Poland),Dominique Delyush (France), Vladislav Vinogradov (Russia), Gunilla Breske (Sweden), Nikolay Prokopetz (Russia), Leonid Nechayev (Russia) and Sergiy Govoruhin (Russia). The programs of workshops of Sergey Loznitsa (Germany), Pierre Abramovitsy(France), Sergey Miroshnichenko (Russia), Vladislav Vinogradov (Russia) and video master class of Andrey Tarkovsky which was presented by Donatella Bahlivo (Italy), were especially unforgettable. The unique charity regional program called «Echoe of KINOLITOPYS». «Holidays for all», that cared about socially unprotected children, had been working during the 2005. The team of «KINOLITOPYS» had visited 14 children’s ukrainian colonies demonstrating their documentary films. Because of the high ratings and its professional skills became «Kinolitopys» the part of the the art project «Kyiv — European cultural capital » and in November 2005 was presented in Brussels. The international program «Echoe of KINOLITOPYS»has been seen with great interest by the audience of Russia, Moldova (Transnistria), Japan and Bulgaria.