Director Taras Dudar
Scriptwriter Oleksandr Stolyarov
Cameraman Oleksiy Nazaruk
Composer Ivan Zavgorodniy Композитор Іван Завгородній
Producers: Dmytro Ovechkin, Yuriy Budyak
Production studio Zolote Runo
108 min., 2019, Ukraine

Scriptwriter Gerasimov, due to a creative crisis, does not report the movie script in time. The fee is spent and the customer — a criminal authority — is threatened with murder. The scriptwriter is forced to flee. Along the way, he gets to various mysterious places. Eventually, the screenwriter gets to the Gendelyk Cafe, which is out of time and space. In this cafe, he meets strange and freaky people who help him to understand himself and to understand that in order to have a future, a person must leave the burden of memories in the past.