Director: Vyacheslav Bigun
Scriptwriter: Vyacheslav Bigun
Director of Photography: Vyacheslav Bigun
Producer: Vyacheslav Bigun
20 min., 2020, Ukraine

The role of Ivan Chendei in the creation of the film “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors”, the Carpathian love story – a film image of the Ukrainian soul. September 2020 marks the 55th anniversary of the premiere of “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors”.



Director: Olga Samolevska
Script writer: Olga Samolevska
Director of photography: Vitaliy Borovyk
60 min., 2018, Ukraine

Last year, the World spent about two trillion dollars on armaments, which was the highest rate in 30 years. This film, without rhetoric, warns of the threat of incitement to III World War. The sad uniqueness of Ukraine is that it has witnesses of two generations who survived the horrors of war as children. Now Russia has imposed a new war on us. Let’s look at the war through the eyes of children. Old people say that killed children become angels. If you do not listen to the whispers of the angels, the amount will become more and more. The new generation can look at wars with new eyes to break the fatal cycle of their recurrences.



Director: Luis Margalhau
Scriptwriter: Luis Margalhau
Director of Photography: Luis Margalhau
Composer: Paulo Maria Rodrigues, Musiquim
Editor: Luis Margalhau
Producer: Maria dos Santos
Production-studio: Margas Filmes, Cineclube de Avanca, Filmografo
27 min., 2020, Portugal

Murmuratorium – routes and rumours documents a project that through art seeks to create processes of “tuning” among people and between people and the world, this fragile world in our care. Music calls us, brings us together, and as in the gatherings of birds that swoop and paint the sky, the voices of humanity may also converge in action as a unique assembly of extraordinary beauty.



Director: Karl Forchhammer
Scriptwriter: Karl Forchhammer
Director of Photography: Karl Forchhammer
Composer: Marco Twellmann
Editor: Francesco Cibati, Karl Forchhammer
Actors: Tamara Allina, Ponel Reiff, Jan Pawel Sierzputowski
Producer: Karl Forchhammer
Production-studio: Forchhammer Films
56 min., 2020, Danmark

Last Days of Summer is an intimate generational portrait. It follows a group of friends each battling with finding or keeping a partner. Tamara is a feminist, but also a hopeless romantic and in love with a catholic man she shares few beliefs with. Sierzput has just won his girlfriend back, but is struggling to hold on to her. And out of sheer boredom, Ponek has broken his own rule number one and has started sleeping with his friends. The film is a love letter to the late twenties where many people are waiting for adulthood, just to realize that it arrived some time ago.



Director: Urban Zorko
Scriptwriter: Urban Zorko
Director of Photography: Darko Herich
Editor: Lukas Miheljak
Producer: Katja Lanarchich
Production-studio: Enabanda in Collaboration with RTV Slovenia
51 min., 2020, Slovenia

DIY (do it yourself) became a very popular concept in Yugoslavia. And so it emerged the idea of building concrete yachts. However most of these boats remained unfinished, like the dreams of their builders, aging as those who have dreamt them up. Some of them are still there, after their owners are gone, a strange inheritance for their children – others are about to flip over on the
family house. And some – are still filled with adventure – and hope. This film explores what happens to our dreams – and how our love can ultimately be the thing that drags us to the bottom – happily.



Director: Tiina Madisson
Scriptwriter: Tiina Madisson
Directors of photography: Marita Hallfors, Anna Karatvuo, Chandraman Dong
Composer: Salla Luhtala
Editor: Katja Pallijeff
Producer: Kirsi Mattila
71 min., 2019, Finland

Rekha loves her father, Bal-kumar, more than anything else in the world, and she and her father have an exceptionally close relation-ship, especially in a society where only sons are valuable and daughters are undesirable. Rekha is already 14, and time is running out for finding her a husband. She lives in a remote village in Nepal near the Indian border. In this region, child marriages are common. Although they are forbidden by law, the tradition lives on. Love marriage is a foreign concept here. Girls are wed before they have a chance to ruin their reputation – falling in love would bring dishonour upon them.



Directors: Alex Hafner, Ines Pinole
Scriptwriter: Alex Hafner
Director of Photography: Alvaro Felgueroso
Editor: Juan Gautier
Producer: Alex Hafner
18 min., 2020, Spain

A call to reflect on what one harnesses inside themselves, in the
moment (explored via a series of improvisations, pointedly steered) to discover its causality and motivation (or trauma). As it is recorded in a continuous form & from all angles, there is no possibility to hide, escape, nor fake anything: because the camera never lies.



Director: Valentina Riveiro Moreira
Scriptwriter: Valentina Riveiro Moreira
Director of Photography: Alex Morean
12 min., 2020, Spain

An underground scene that has been surviving for decades with origin in the United States, has landed in Spain: the Ballroom is here to stay and continue to function as a safe space for the LGTBIQ + community. Its protagonists will introduce us to this underworld and their personal stories in which we will see how it has influenced them.



Director: Igor Vysnevsky
Scriptwriter: Valery Primost
Cameraman: Alexander Shilov
Composer: Khmelova Maria, Kirill Borodin
Editor: Mykola Kodzhebash
Actors: Yevhen Oliynyk, Oleksandr Formanchuk, Olena Khokhlatkina
Producer: Alexey Panteleev, Roman Negrienko, Olga Panteleeva
90 minutes, 2019, Ukraine

To regain his inheritance rights, Severin Nalyvayko (unrecognized son of Prince Dmytro Sangushko and Princess Halshka Ostrozka), at the head of an army of just as disenfranchised daredevils, fights against the army of the Commonwealth for the freedom of Ukraine: only in the free “Cossack Republic” can he restore justice and become who you are by right.
But the worst enemy of Nalyvayko is not the Polishes, but his own allies, the Cossacks, for whom the state of arrogance is stronger than the feelings of a single people.



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Director Volodymyr Lutskiy
Scriptwriter Tetyana Filevska
Cameraman Roman Yelenskiy
Composer Volodymyr Syvytskiy
Editor Oleksiy Shamin
Producers: Olga Zaharova, Oleg Shcherbyna, Yuliya Chernyavska, Andrea Manyani, Yevgen Zaharov, Gianpaolo Smiralya, Stefano Basso, Kiara Barbo
Production Studio Fresh Production Group, Pilgrim Film
88 min., 2019, Ukraine
This film tells about the well-known artist Kazymyr Malevich and his influence on the art of the twentieth century. The main purpose of the picture is to show and explore the Ukrainian origin of Malevich, the influence of Ukraininan culture on the formation of his personality and directly on his work, as well as to return the name of Malevich to Ukrainian culture. The viewer will have a unique opportunity to watch the screenplay of a suprematist film written by artist in 1930. To see little-known archival footage with the artist, photos of his paintings with computer graphics, to hear memories of relatives and numerous of art historians, gallery owners and architects from Ukraine, Poland, Netherlands, Belarus, France.

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