Director: Vyacheslav Bigun
Scriptwriter: Vyacheslav Bigun
Director of Photography: Vyacheslav Bigun
Producer: Vyacheslav Bigun
20 min., 2020, Ukraine

The role of Ivan Chendei in the creation of the film “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors”, the Carpathian love story – a film image of the Ukrainian soul. September 2020 marks the 55th anniversary of the premiere of “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors”.



Director: Olga Samolevska
Script writer: Olga Samolevska
Director of photography: Vitaliy Borovyk
60 min., 2018, Ukraine

Last year, the World spent about two trillion dollars on armaments, which was the highest rate in 30 years. This film, without rhetoric, warns of the threat of incitement to III World War. The sad uniqueness of Ukraine is that it has witnesses of two generations who survived the horrors of war as children. Now Russia has imposed a new war on us. Let’s look at the war through the eyes of children. Old people say that killed children become angels. If you do not listen to the whispers of the angels, the amount will become more and more. The new generation can look at wars with new eyes to break the fatal cycle of their recurrences.



Director: Yakovenko Anastasia
Scriptwriter: Yakovenko Anastasia
Cameramen: Yakovenko Anastasia and Gogiya Iya
University/College: Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts
Head of the workshop: Volodymyr Khmelnytskiy
6 min., 2020, Ukraine

A woman grows flowers in extraordinary quantities. Currently, its collection already includes more than 300 species of orchids, not including other species. She buys flowers that are no longer valid for sale (rotten, broken, dried), and then grows them in perfect condition.
She is not only a savior of the environment, she helps people. This is a person from a capital letter, a woman works as a nurse in the surgical department. She had to see death and salvation, joy and sorrow, but in spite of everything, she continues to confidently go to her goal – to heal the whole world!



Director: Aydan Aliyeva
Director of Photography: Aydan Aliyeva
Editor: Aydan Aliyeva
Producer: Aydan Aliyeva
University/College: Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts
Workshop manager: Igor Negresku
8 min., 2020, Ukraine

This film is about the girl who dreams of becoming sport coacher. She went through trials, disbelief of parents and coaches, and continues anyway move towards her goal to teach little girls.



Director: Artem Kamerniy
Screenwriter: Artem Kamerniy
Director of Photography: Artem Kamerniy
Editor: Artem Kamerniy
Actors: Olga Kamerna, Julia Kamerna
Producer: Artem Kamerniy
University/College: Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts
Workshop manager: Roman Shyrman
8 min., 2019, Ukraine



Director: Bogdan Audinov
Scriptwriter: Bogdan Audinov, Khrystyna Delin
Cameraman: Bogdan Audinov
Editor: Bogdan Audinov
Actors: Khrystyna Delin, Yegor Rakovsky
Producer: Bogdan Audinov
7 min., 2020, Ukraine

Vira is a girl from the province who dreams of being an actress. From childhood she was engaged in acting, dreamed of entering the theater university. On her way to the dream, Vira does not receive support from native people: her lover and her mother. All of them reject any options for further development of Vira as an actress. After unsuccessful attempts to enter the theater institute, she got a job in Ritual Services.



Director: Anna Kichapina
Scriptwriter: Anna Kichapina
Director of Photography: Vladislav Savchin
Actors: Eugene Ragulin
University/College: Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts
Head of the workshop: Volodymyr Khmelnytsky
7 min., 2020, Ukraine

The protagonist of the film Yevhen Ragulin is the commander of a special combat group. He took part in the fighting in Debaltseve in 2014-2015 and Sands in 2016, in eastern Ukraine.
The film tells the story of an incident that once happened to our hero. During the task, a separatist who was a gunner was captured by the enemy. The gunner is a local resident who knows the area well and informs the enemy of the specific coordinates of strategic buildings and houses. Many civilians died because of this man.



Director: Kyrylo Zemlyaniy
Scriptwriter: Kyrylo Zemlyaniy
Cameraman: Vladislav Dorofeyev
Composer: Rusya
Editor: Kyrylo Zemlyaniy
Actors: Oles Dmitrenko, Tatiana Smirnova
Producer: Kyrylo Zemlyaniy
Production studio: Kinoglaz
University/College: Taras Shevchenko National University
Workshop manager: Serhiy Badion
11 min., 2019, Ukraine

Ivan most of all dreams of becoming an actor. Attends acting classes, prepares for admission to theatrical universities. But there is one significant problem. Ivan can’t say a word. Will the guy be able to make his dream come true?



Director: Eugene Koshyn
Scriptwriter: Eugene Koshyn
Director of Photography: Nikita Khatsarevich
Composer: Maxim Smogol
Editor: Kateryna Zabulonska
Actors: Konstantin Temlyak, Alexandra Bystrzhytska, Kateryna Molchanova
Producer: Yevgen Koshyn, Orest Borko
Production studio: BO Cinema
University/college: Higher courses for screenwriters and directors
Workshop manager: Irakli Kvirikadze
36 min., 2020, Ukraine-Turkey

27-year old Sasha was late for the plane. He has to spend a whole day in an unfamiliar mysterious city – without cash, mobile communication, Wi-Fi and other benefits of civilization – in the company of a young obsessed, extraordinary and very beautiful girl Sasha from Odessa.



Director: Miruna Dunu
Scriptwriter: Miruna Dunu
Director of photography: Miruna Dunu
Editor: Miruna Dunu
Producer: Miruna Dunu
Institution: Design Academy Eindhoven, Netherlands
12 min., 2018, Netherlands, Romania

“Coastland” presents a fictional narrative rooted into architectural research. The story of the Western Black Sea coast begins in a distant future and goes back to its roots, only to reveal cyclical destruction and rebirth. The film is created entirely out of the author’s collection of authentic postcards.