Winners 2013

GRAND-PRIX “TRASHED”  director Candida Brady 2012 (UK) “Best film”

“GOLDEN SHOT»director Yann Arthus-Bertrand ”A THIRSTY WORLD” 2012 (France) »Unique image. Documentaries shooted in dangerous conditions — «ALL FOR SHOT»”SILVER SHOT”

“HORIZONT” director Skule Eriksen 2013 (Norway) “Best DOP’s work”

“KYIV AWARD” “FIVE STAR EXISTENCE” director Sonja Linden 2011 (Finalnd) “Best director’s work”

Grand-prix in nomination “Outstanding person of modern Ukraine” “CROSSROAD OF DESTINY” director  Аndriy Sokolovskiy 2012 (Ukraine)

Grand-prix in nomination “New life to old movie”“THE COLOUR OF TIME IS WAR” 2012 director Oleg Pavluchenkov (Ukraine)

“For the introduction of new technologies in the work with archive materials”


“CELLULOID MAN” director Shivendra Singh Dungarpur 2013 (India) “A man who keeps history memory of world cinema”

“START”feature shorts  “VANYA”, “ ТIMKA”,”NOT LESS THAN 50 KG” directors: Marina Artemenko, Oksana Artemenko 2012-2013 (Ukraine)

Prize named after Sergey Govoruhin. “Sacrifice heart” “ALLIES. FAITH AND TRUTH” director Sergey Zaycev.

«Best Film of the military-patriotic theme

”Nomination “Feature film. Short.”MENTION” director Irina Tsilyk “For the best feature short film” 2013 (Ukraine)


“HOLY FAMILY” — THE MYSTERY OF CREATION” director Stefan Haupt 2012 (Switzerland) “Best documentary in nomination “ARCHITECTURE”

“THE CHALLENGE OF VENICE” directors: Michele Barca and Nikola Pittarello 2012 (Italy)“The best script”

“LITTLE TIBET” directors Nawang N Anja-Tsang and Joseph Brett  2011 (Great Britain)“Diploma of audience ”

“ANTARKTIDA-2012” director Emilian Dinov 2012 (Bulgary)“Original theme in documentary cinema”

«BLINDSIGHT» director Lucy Walker 2006 (Great Britain)«For humanity and love to life»

«WATCH AND REMEMBER» Director — Viktor Binodir 2013 (Ukraine) “Best documentary short film”

«BROTHERLY CANDLE» Director — Irina Voloh 2012 (Belarus) “For the best film on spiritual theme”

«OPEN LESSON»(FROM ALMANAC «OUT OF EURO») Director -Natalia Mashtaler 2012 (Ukraine) “For the best report in documentary”

«PERESONICKIY GOSPEL — an outstanding monument of Ukrainian Renaissance of XVI century» Directors: Vasiliev. А., Vlasenko V., Lobko N. 2010 (Ukraine) “Best educational film”

«HONOR AND LOYALTY. ADMIRAL PERELESHIN». Directors -Anjelika Fesenko and Denis Fesenko 2013 (Ukraine) “For portraying an unique person”

«THE STORY OF A MASTERPIECE. OLEXANDR MURASHKO» Director — Viktor Stegantsov 2012 (Ukraine) “For portraying of tragic life of Ukrainian genius”

«RUSSIAN TRIUMPH IN A FOREIGN LAND. ENGINEER PONYATOV. THE PIONEER OF VIDEO ERA» Director — Guli Tagieva 2013 (Russia) “ For opening the character of the unique innovator of modern video technology”

«IMPOSSIBLE IS POSSIBLE» Directors — Sergey Alexandrov, Anton Anisimov  2012 (Russia) “For courage and life stance to the film’s heroes”

«TANGLED THREADS» Director Catharina Minkova 2012 (Bulgary)“ For opening the theme of national traditions’ saving”

«UKRAINIAN MOCKINGBIRD. DEDICATED TO 100th ANNIVERSARY OF ANDRIY SOVA » Director — Svitlavna Krasnojon 2013 (Ukraine) “For opening the character of the great Ukrainian humorist”

«SVANETI. ALIVE MYTH» Director — Spartak Pardjiani 2012 (Georgia) “For deep respect and pride to own nation’s history”

“TEMPLE OF THE UKRAINIAN CHRONICLE FILMS” director -Оlena Zavgorodnya 2012 (Ukraine) “For saving of Ukraine’s history”

“VASIL MAKUKH. FREE SON OF SLAVERY NATON” 2012 , “OLEXA GIRNIK AND INDEPENDENT UKRAINE” director — Yuriy Burikh 2013(Ukraine) “For perpetuation of personalities who lays down life for idea”

“HACHKARY. FAMILY HOLY CROSSES” Director — Arsen Poshatyan “The Author’s debut” 2013 (Ukraine-Armenia)

Diplomas of Festival Selection Committee:

1. Central State FilmPhotoPhono Archive of Ukraine. H.S.Pshenychniy “For saving nation’s memory of cinema”

2. Russian State FilmPhotoPhono Archive. “For saving nation’s memory of cinema”

3. Belarus Central State FilmPhotoPhono Archive. “For saving nation’s memory of cinema”

TO CREATIVE ASSOCIATIVE OF DOCUMENTARY FILMS AND PROGRAMS OF “FIRST CHANEL” — “ For presentation of films of famous people of Ukraine”

“UKRINFORM” – “For informational support of the KIDFF

“KINOLITOPYS”Patronage Award:Order «MAESTRO»Mr. P.K. Nair — «For personal contribution to the development of world cinema» (India)