Winners 2012


GOLD-SOFIA Fresco Grand Prix
CHERNOBYL 388 Telecon Studio, written by Ham Salganik (Ukraine)
«For honest authorial position»

“EMINE AND KADRIE” directed by Mykola Vasyliv (Bulgaria)
“For the director’s search for original imagery”


His Beatitude Metropolitan Volodymyr of Kyiv and all Ukraine. Head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church
The movie “THREE PARENTS” directed by Maxim Mikhaltsov, written by Ella Milova (Belarus)
“To the blessing of hard work for the glory of the Holy Church”

“LEBANON. LEGENDS OF ANCIENT TIR »directed by O. Ilyashenko, written by Fr. Mikhail (Ganichev) (Ukraine)
“For the original development of historical spiritual themes”

“THE COVER ABOVE THE RUINS. PETRO BARANIVSKY »directed by Lyudmila Mikhalevich (Ukraine)
“For Your Respect for the Restoration of Spiritual Shrines”

“THREE PARADISES” directed by Maxim Mikhaltsov (Belarus)
“For the acutely publicistic coverage of the theme of abandoned children”

“GOLD FROM GOD” directed by Lasha Pardzhiani (Georgia)
“To preserve the memory of ancestral traditions”

«NAZARIY YAREMCHUK. MISSION MARKED BY HEAVEN. »National Television Company of Ukraine
Directors: Vladimir Kachur, Yulia Kuzmenko (Ukraine)
“For the talented disclosure of the image of a prominent singer”

“BORDER EFFECT -“ STREET OF PEOPLE’S FRIENDSHIP ”director Kirill Seduhin (Russia)
“For a witty creative decision of a relevant socio-political theme”

ARCHIMANDRIT directed by Jerzy Kalin (Poland)
“For cameraman’s skill”

“MY HOUSE” directed by Vanya Ivanova, (Bulgaria)
“For illuminating the theme of spiritual and human union”

“THE CHRONICLE ON THE WAVES OF THE CHRONICLE” directed by Daniel Shevchuk (Ukraine)
“For a Successful Documentary Debut”

“LETTERS FROM AFGHAN” Directors: Konstantin Kovrigin and Elena Platonova (Ukraine)
“To preserve the memory of the tragedy of the unjust wars”

“DEAR VALLEY” directed by Svetlana Tymoshenko (Ukraine)
“For inspiring disclosure of the image of the teacher – actress, man, warrior”

“FORGOTTEN”, “SUCH LIFE – BEING” directed by Natalia Krasilnikov (Ukraine)
“For the talented director’s unveiling of the acute problems of today”

THREE YOU – THREE US (Lampada Parable) director Vitaliy Lyubetsky (Belarus)
“For an interesting creative embodiment of the Bible parable”

“He was Born in the Bottom” Director Sergey Kovalev (Ukraine)
“For the memory of the glorious fellow countrymen”

“ANNA ZELENOVA”, directed by Igor Smirnov (Russia)
“For careful attention to asceticism in the preservation of museum values”

“INTERMETS. BETWEEN CREATIVITY AND LIFE »directed by Anna Olefirenko (Ukraine)
«For the first creative steps in amateur cinematography»

«For a deep content cycle of films about the fate of prominent personalities of Ukrainian and world culture»

Diploma of the Military Intelligence Veterans Fund
“LETTERS FROM AFGHAN” Directors: Konstantin Kovrigin and Elena Platonova (Ukraine)
“For the best military-themed movie”


Central State Film and Photographic Archive of Ukraine. G.S. Wheat
«For providing interesting and meaningful retrospective program of documentaries on conducting in Ukraine EURO 2012

Honored Artist of Ukraine, Professor of the Department of Music Education of the Kiev National University of Theater, Cinema and Television named after IK Karpenko-Kary

“For fruitful cooperation in conducting the Kiev International Documentary Film Festival“ KINOLITOPIS 2012 ”

Ludmila Vladimirovna Chizhovy (Russia)
“For many years, sincere and friendly cooperation in the preparation and holding of the Kiev International Film Film Festival” KINOLITOPIS “”

Foundation for Veterans and Disabled Military Conflicts “ROCADA”, Moscow
“For the memory and attention to the extraordinary personality of Sergey Stanislavovich Hovorukhin – public figure, film director, poet, writer, internationalist warrior, Capital Man”