Winners 2011

Awards of the 10th Kiev International Documentary Festival
movies «KINOLITOPIS-2011»

Grand Prix – “Sevastopol – Trial of War” directed by Vadim Khapaev (Ukraine)

“Kiev Film Award” – “RETURN OF NON-CONFORMER” director Andriy Proskuryakov
Student Award – “The Beginning” – the film “Pacific Ocean” directed by Anna Shishova

Silver Frame – Post-Soviet Phenomenon by Natalia Golub (PMR)
“For a high-moral public stance on the topic of patriotism of its people”

Award of the Organizing Committee of the festival

«For special contribution to the development of documentary film and significant pedagogical activity» directed by Sergey Miroshnichenko (Russia)

The Beatitude Volodymyr Metropolitan of Kyiv and All Ukraine Award for the movie Inokinya directed by Galina Adamovich (Belarus)

Award of the President of the Pridnestrovskaia Moldavskaia Respublika for the film
“INFORMATION” directed by Plamen Maslarov (Bulgaria)
«For highly artistic skills and professionalism in work»

«Pavel Popovich. THE COSMIC HULLIGAN »directed by Maya Danilevskaya, (Russia)
“For revealing the image of a prominent personality of Ukraine”

The movie “The foreigner”
Operators: Tatiana Loginova, Maxim Mikhaltsov, Vladislav Danilovich (Belarus)
“For the Best Camera Work”

“NORTH SIDE OF SUNFLOWER” directed by Ivan Mladenov (Bulgaria)
“For the true story of the difficult life of the peasant”

Admiral Greig’s History, directed by Anzhelika Fesenko (Ukraine)
“For the preservation of historical memory”

“DEAD LEARNING LIVES” by Marina Fesenko (Ukraine)
“For research in creativity”

“ROLLAN BYK’S MEMORIES” directed by Galina Tsymbal (Ukraine)
«For the best film – a portrait of a prominent creative personality»

“HISTORY OF LEONIDES” directed by Liner Ludwigs, Producer Tatiana Cherniavska (Germany – Ukraine)
“Remember Chernobyl”

Robinsons of Mansinsaara, directed by Victor Aslyuk, (Belarus)
“For the disclosure of the theme of loneliness and forced difficult human relationships”

“Easter” Director Olena Karetnik, Studio of the Synodal Information and Educational Department of the UOC “For Spirituality and Exaltation in Disclosure of the Topic”

«3 km to the sky» directed by Olga Dashuk, (Belarus)
“For revealing the theme of a deep sense of love for your neighbor in the pursuit of his dream”

“KOROSTYSHEV 400” directed by Christopher Jurowski (Poland)
“For Disclosing the Theme of Devotion in the Struggle for Christian Values”

“THROUGH THE WAR AND THE FIRE”, directed by Stanislav Stoyanovsky (Ukraine)
«For loyalty to the theme« History of the native land »

“Touch” Part 1. “Optina” Director Igor Yarynsky Studio
Pearl Screen (Russia)
«For the disclosure of the theme of the Great Optic age»

Best student work:

“Tramway Prospect” directed by Sofia Geweiler (Russia – Germany)

SEYRONAD OF BOYAR’S VALLEY directed by Svetlana Tymoshenko (Ukraine)

Mirror of the Afghan War, directed by Alexander Yelagin, (Ukraine)
“For loyalty to the theme of the fate of warriors – internationalists”

“Ecclesia” directed by Dmitry Talankin (Russia)
«For creative search in the study of the phenomenon of the church»

THE DOMAINS OF THE THIRD APPROACH »Script – Catherine Red, directors; Ruslan Smirnov, Alexander Zinchenko, Marina Yurchenko (Ukraine)
“For revealing the theme of the fate of people who survived the disaster”

THE HOLY FIRE directed by Eric Norcross and Ruslan Troshinski (Estonia)
“For originality in the view of Ukrainian culture”

Diplomas of the festival organizing committee

Department of Film Directing KNUT KIT them. IK Karpenko-Kary
Alexander Koval, Natalia Bogdanenko, Eugene Sivokon, Viktor Shkurin and Suzanne Shapovalova
«For the presented program for the festival and pedagogical activity»

GLAS Studio
“For the creation of films that carry the savings and respect for the lives and works of high-spirited personalities”

A STUDY in the name of St. John the War
“For a high-spirited movie program”
“Inokinya” directed by Galina Adamovich, “Bratia” directed by Ella Milova, “Candle does not go out” directed by Maxim Mikhaltsov, “The leading role” Directed by Vitaliy Lyubetsky, “Easter on the Lysia Mountain” directed by my mother Ioanna (Orlova)

Dnipropetrovsk City TV Theater (Ukraine)
«For asceticism in youth education on the examples of prominent personalities of Ukraine»

Animation Contest:
Diploma Grand Prix of the animated film “Shchedryk” directed by Stepan Koval
Diplomas awarded films:
“ABOUT ANIMALS AND PEOPLE” directed by Alexey Zaitsev (Russia)
“HEAVEN’S ELEPHANT” directed by Maria Kuznetsova, Alexey Zaitsev. (Russia)
«In A Dream» Director Kateryna Chepik
“IN THE MIDDLE” directed by Elena Potemkin
«About the Money!» Director Alexander Shmigun Maria Kuznetsova, Alexey Zaitsev. (Russia)
“In a Dream” Director Kateryna Chepik
“IN THE MIDDLE” directed by Elena Potemkin
“About the Money!” Directed by Alexander Shmigun