Winners 2010

Winners of the 2010 Cinematography Festival

Grand Prix – the film “THE WAY OF COLUMBUS” directed by Konstantin Shamin, 2010 (Ukraine)

GOLDEN FRAME Prize – Operator Sergey Mikhalchuk for the film “THE WAY OF COLUMBUS” (Ukraine)
“For the best operator skills and high professionalism”

ARCHISTRATH MIKHAIL’S PRIZE – «VALERIY GERGIEV. Twilight of the Gods »Director Sergei Miroshnichenko (Russia)

For Best Documentary Directing

“KYIV FILM AWARD” “PHOTOGRAPH ULYANA” director-cameraman Yuriy Garulev (Belarus) “For dedication to the subject”


Director Angelika Fesenko, Crimea (Ukraine)
“For the author’s programs” Archival Stories “and” Honorary Citizens of Sevastopol “

“I AM NOT GUILTY” – directed by Alexey Martsev and Larisa Kozyniuk (Ukraine)
«For coverage of the current topic of orphanage in Ukraine»

KALININGRAD ISLAND directed by Michael Mirbach (Sweden)
“For revealing the theme of the fate of cities in the postwar era”

“WINGS ABOUT BERLIN” directed by N. Sergeyev (Russia)
“For storing memory for posterity about the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.)

PORTRAIT – Director Fabris Grunge (France)
“For disclosing the theme of personality”

“Lady of Alienation” directed by Olga Samolevska (Ukraine)
“The best Chernobyl-themed film”

“SECOND SKY” directed by Alexander Kuprin (Russia)
“For revealing the image of a celebrity in documentary films”

“MEETING” directed by Angelina Golikova (Russia)
“For Spirituality in Cinema”

“VELETEN STEPIV” directed by Olga Voloshina (Ukraine)
“For revealing the image of a prominent personality of Ukraine”

“WE ARE LIKE YOU” “directed by Ilya Dovgal. (Ukraine)
“I’m not indifferent”

“REAL MASTER CLASS” directed by Oksana Chepelyk (Ukraine)
“Science, culture, art”

MY MEAN IS NOT SEPARATE TO ME »directed by Alla Gusak (Ukraine)
“For humanism in life and in cinema”

“CHORNOMORS’S Navy 1941-1945” by Valery Antonyuk
“For the best musical design for a military-patriotic movie”

«MASKS. BETWEEN LIVES AND THE STAGE »directed by Sergey Greek
“For optimism in life and art”

“KISILOV LIST” by Yuriy Malyutin, 52 min. 2008 (Russia)
The best movie on military-patriotic topics

Photo exhibition “I want to show you the Earth”
Russian hero, astronaut pilot, Colonel Yuri Lonchakov
“For cameraman’s skill”

“I am Mozart” is directed by Alexander Stolyarov
For Best Documentary Directing

“WITNESSES OF Vivid MEMORY” directed by Lyudmila Mikhalevich
«For high professional skill in created cycles
of films – Heroes of the Soviet Union »

“NIGHT WITNESSES” directed by Gunilla Breski (Sweden)
“For dedication to the theme of war and peace”

directed by Mikhail Maslennikov 39 min., 2009 (Russia)
“For revealing the image of a creative personality”

The diploma is awarded to ALEXANDER FINAL President of the IMF International Fund. PP Chubinsky in the nomination “Reliable Partner”

Diploma of the participant

«IHTIS. DREAMS »- director Sergey Veklic (Ukraine)

“NADIA” directed by Oksana Artemenko (Ukraine)

“Melissa” directed by Marina Artemenko (Ukraine)

“BROTHERS” directed by Vyacheslav Bely, 2009 (Ukraine)