Director: Anastasiya Yevchenko
Scriptwriter: Anastasiya Yevchenko
Director of photography: Yevgen Kirey
Composer: Aleksey Olshevskiy
Editor: Vitalii Liashko
Actors: Oleksii Oleksyuk, Viktoriya Levchenko, Kirill Zhylin, Feel My Fire Sweet Bilberry (Filya), Alexandr Smirnov
Producers: Sergii Sushon, Anastasiya Yevchenko, Patritsiia Kuznietsova
15 min., 2019, Ukraine

A soldier is sitting in the trenches on the frontline looking at the flame of his lighter. Later on, we see that the flame is no longer coming from the lighter – it’s coming from a candle now that stands on a table in a dark room where two people are having their first date: a man (same soldier) and a woman. We observe a short sequence of their romance, marriage proposal, childbirth, development of their family. Suddenly, an explosion occurs – it consumes the soldier. We understand that all the memories that he had were imaginary. It is a metaphor for the way his life could have turned out if there hadn’t been a war and he had his tomorrow.