Director: Ali Ozel
Scriptwriter: Ali Ozel
Cameraman: Umit Cakmaksoy
Composer: Huseyin Ozel
Editors: Ali Ozel, Mahmut Aran, Yakup Inanli
Actors: Ahmet Ozel, Hakan Emre Unal, Mucahit Kocak Ozan Dagara, Elif Aydin
Producer: Ali Ozel
Production-studio: Film Standartlari
87 min., 2019, Turkey

An ongoing dam project necessitates the evacuation of Ahmet and his nephews’ village. But Ahmet, a recluse whose world revolves around his home and the garden where his wife is buried, refuses to move into a new house despite his nephews’ insistence. Loath to leave Ahmet behind, the nephews ask his estranged son, Harun, to come to the village to prevail on him. However, there is nothing easy about this reunion between a father, who thinks his son blames him for his wife’s death, and a son, who couldn’t stop his father burying his mother in the garden.