Directors: Marina Artemenko, Oksana Artemenko
Script writers: Oksana Artemenko, Maryna Artemenko
Cameraman: Ivan Tymchenko
Composer: Yaroslav Dzhus
Editor: Mykola Korotky
Actors: Daria Petrozhytska, Andriy Isaenko, Bohdan Buyluk
Producers: Svitlana Solovyova, Mykola Korotky, Oksana Artemenko, Marina Artemenko
Production studio: Artemenko sisters with the support of Svetofor film, Manifesto_18, Garage Rental, Sound Division, Letter To Fest Distribution, mental dRive studio, KWA Sound Production
27 min., 2019, Ukraine
On New Year’s night the journalist Tanya is taken to train instead of another passenger. Other passengers are told that she is surgeon and she’s about to have a very important surgery tommorow. But her new traveling companion drunk lawyer Tolya has his finger cut off by a suitcase during the emergency braking. Now Tanya as a surgeon must save Tolya.