Director: Leyla Yilmaz
Scriptwriter: Leyla Yilmaz
Director of photography: Meryem Yavuz 
Actors: Senan Kara, Yurdaer Okur, Emir Ozden
Producers: Leyla Yilmaz-Ates, Ilya Bassoy-Evren, Parlar-Christopher Elsey
Production studio: FIKRI GORSEL SANATLAR
95 min., 2019, Turkey

The mother Selma is a medical doctor at a state hospital. The father Sinan is a mid-level manager at a shipping campany. They are frustrated with each other after years of marriage. The have one thing in common; their 17 years-old son, Umut. When Umut’s life is upturned by a rumour among his teammates that he is gay, he refuses to comment on their judgmental question. The pressure of the team turns into a lynching mob.