Director: Inti Rowland
Scriptwriter: Inti Rowland
Editor: Inti Rowland
Directors of Photography: Lewin St.Cyr, Inti Rowland
Composer: Inti Rowland, Jackson Dimiglio-Wood
Actors: Deni Montana Harrelson, Bastain Santelices, Jaime Torres Pinto
Producer: Pak Derek Yau
Production-studio: Rivera Film
26 min., 2019, Chile

A semi-autobiographical telling of the director’s own mothers
experience at the hands of his father, a story of escape, survival and love.The film documents the immediate days after a girl escapes an abusive relationship. Creeping out in the early morning she flees into the open desert, heading as far as she can get. A homage to strength, Love From Santiago is a portrait of a young woman travelling across Latin America, taking back her power as she breaks away from a violent life and begins to start again. Having co-written and performed the songs that feature in the film, this project brings together for the first time, Inti’s work in both the mediums he has given his life to practising – film and music. Storytelling with a unique approach that bring together the emotional language of two incredibly powerful art forms.