Director Roman Brovko
Scripwriters: Artemii Kirsanov, Serhii Dziuba
Cameraman Konstiantyn Ponomariov
Composer Oleksandr Soshalsky
Editor Yurii Chashkovsky
Actors: Dmytro Yaroshenko, Vitalii Saliy, Oleg Maslennikov, Ievgeniia Gladiy, Karyna Shereverova, Diana Rozovlian
Producer Artem Denysov
Production-studio UM GROUP
104 min., 2019, Ukraine
1965. The young poet Vasyl Stus cannot put up with the the lawlessness of the Ukrainians in the Soviet Union, so he challenges the totalitarian system. He talks about what millions of people are silent about. Despite the constant pressure and threats of Soviet KGB, Stus does not stop fighting even in exile. The real story of an unbending poet, a story of love and betrayal, of human dignity and meanness.